THERE IS BEAUTY IN EVERY MOMENT. And we want them all! Dream, said, done, we put our heart and soul into your wedding – from the first to the last minute.
An elopement is a very intimate way of saying yes to each otherBut the actual idea conveys a great message: because it’s finally all about you. But where and how? We always say: Where, when and how Eich likes it. The basic idea is that I celebrate our wedding as I please, without the usual expectations and obligations. You can decide what is important to you.

Victoria and Max decided on a loft. Waking up together, cuddling, having a stress-free wedding breakfast together and then getting ready for the big day. It was important to the Lovebirds that their hometown Vienna and their love of the opera were captured in the pictures. That’s why there was a shooting in the streets of Vienna.
For the dinner for two and the table set-up, they wanted earthy colours. Reddish brown elements, dried poppies, rounded off by Ester and Erik candles and linen napkins.

We were enchanted by the emotion between the newlyweds. We have only one thing to say: LOVE WINS. And let us write your story too….