„We create with love and soul

Open your heart and prepare

for your very

own story of your life“

That one moment, that unique wedding, or that unforgettable event: Those moments that we think back to for a life time, that make us smile over again and over again every time we remember them, that make our hearts beat faster because they are more than just a story – those are the story of our life.

Our passion lays in contributing to these stories by offering event designs with a great love for detail and style. Beautiful occasions are our raison d’être, and celebrations come natural to us.

HEA I happily ever after starts here...

We are Natalie and Daniel, the creative masterminds behind HEA I happilyeverafter. We love bountiful decorations, flower arrangements, and unusual but natural styling’s for weddings and other events. Driven by our instinct to bring creative ideas and unique decoration and design concepts to life, we offer an alternative to classical flower bouquets and instead provide personalized and visually inspiring set-ups that make your event unforgettable.

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